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Fern Bowler
£60/hr Stylist @ Horsham

Fern Bowler

Fern has been working in the hair industry for 8 years but first began her career working on reception and later as a Front of House Manager. She eventually realised that her calling was as a stylist and began her training!

When asked what drew her to The Chapel, Fern said “Time. I now have the time to devote myself to each individual guest. They aren’t passed from stylist to stylist, where one person does the wash, someone else does the cut. They are with me for every step of the journey. The whole experience is so different and it allows me to get to know my guests so much more and really understand who they are as a person. This then helps me tailor the experience to them.”

Fern’s favourite things to do are blondes, fun colours, blondes...more blondes and all-around creativity. “I love all aspects of styling and colouring but I just really enjoy the work that goes into creating the perfect blonde and seeing how happy my guests are with the transformation!”

Fern loves to make her guests “feel like an individual, not just a number or price-tag on a conveyor belt. I enjoy making guests feel comfortable and at home, the kind of ease that lets them open up and talk to me about anything on their mind, whether it’s hair-related or any other aspect of their life.”

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