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Lynne Burns
Guest Relations @ Islington

Lynne  Burns

“Our guests and our team here make my role an absolute pleasure.”

Some people strive to gain experience – while others simply go out and live a life.

Seconds after a welcome from our guest-relations guru Lynne you’ll know she falls most distinctly into the second category.

“I spent time myself as a stylist in Liverpool's ground breaking 'A Cut Above The Rest' salon in the 70's, before going on to work styling many of Liverpool’s biggest bands during the 80's,” explains Lynne. “From there I found myself moving to London to become a stylist and PA for the band Dead or Alive, working on numerous video shoots and photo sessions.

“Now, after three memorable decades touring the world, I’m delighted to have finally found my new home, here at The Chapel. I just adore looking after our guests and ensuring that every detail is covered and all eventualities anticipated, so all our guests have to do is to relax and enjoy the experience.

“The combination of working within the most stunning surroundings and with the very best talent available makes my role here an absolute pleasure to undertake.“

We’re delighted to have Lynne on the team, and as soon as you’ve met her we know you’ll feel the same.”

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