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£50/hr Stylist @ Tunbridge Wells

Alex  Porteous (MATERNITY LEAVE)

“I believe the perfect haircut starts with the right conversation.”

She’s a skilled and versatile stylist yet Alex’s cuts always begin at the same place, the ears. Not her guest’s however but her own.

“Through my education the only subject that interested me as much as styling was psychology,” she reveals, “but looking back now I’m so glad I stuck with hairdressing, as I quickly came to realise that doing it properly actually involves both.”

“Understanding your guests in term’s of both who they are and what they want to project is essential for getting styles right,” she continues, “so for me, each haircut starts with putting people at their ease, then listening to them carefully.”

The signs of Alex’s natural empathy and styling talent appear to have been there right from the get go. Years even before she began training at Headmasters, before gaining her NVQ3 and becoming a senior stylists, Alex had them queuing in the school playground for fancy plaits and French braids.

“I used to get so many requests it would take my whole lunch break,” she chuckles, “and that’s what I love most about working at The Chapel; there’s no rushing, no back-to-back appointments – just all the time my guests and I need to discuss their needs and get their hair absolutely right.”

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